Employee experience can substantially impact how your business runs. One of the easiest ways to improve your team’s experience is by implementing an attendance management and call-out program. From old punch cards to administrative staff manually tracking call-outs in a spreadsheet, attendance management systems have historically cost companies a lot of time and money. But, an automated service powered with phone lines saves your company time and money. Furthermore, an HR Call-out line provides accurate data to view significant attendance trends and support smart scheduling based on their unique historical absenteeism data. 

According to Paychex, a leading payroll company, 

“Rather than getting caught up in filling out forms and double-checking to ensure accuracy, employees know their next paycheck will be received on time, and the amount will be based on hours worked. This removes a considerable amount of potential stress and distraction from the workplace, which can help to improve employee satisfaction and morale.

Additionally, replacing paper-based methods with a modern time and attendance system gives employees more time to focus on their jobs, while also giving their supervisors valuable labor data to help them identify and correct productivity issues before they become unmanageable.”

Can you answer these questions for your business?

  • How many employees missed their shift yesterday? And, did they report their absence before missing the shift?
  • Which locations had the most call-outs during the holiday season?
  • How many employees called out of work this month last year?
  • Have any employees called out of work due to COVID-19 related symptoms? 
  • Do you know which month this year will require additional staffing to support your business and employees?

This blog post will explain how HR attendance management systems can help you answer all of the questions listed above and more. 

Attendance Management Systems defined.

When an employee is sick, running late, or needs to call-out of work, they need to report it internally. Management needs to know so a replacement is found for the shift if required. In this scenario, an attendance management system manages the internal reporting process and tracks every detail related to the employee’s call-out. These details can include an employee’s unique ID from your system, their location (store, factory, state, country, etc.), supervisor, working hours, or their expected check-in and check-out times. Automated phone services also notify backup team members that there are available shifts. And, they can provide a simple process (just press 1) to inform the manager if they want to take the shift.

Without proper organization and request programs, your employee experience will decline. And, it’s unlikely that employees will adapt to your process. Relying on frustrating, inaccurate timesheets and manual spreadsheet tracking discourages data-driven decisions. And without this, employee experience is negative and it becomes difficult to retain talented employees. 

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The Call Experts AI-Powered HR Call-Out Line saves you time and money.

At Call Experts, our 40 years of experience with your industry has taught us that the clock never stops on customer service or employee experience. We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind automated call-out phone line that uses AI-technology to manage your attendance system. It can save your teams over 20 hours a week, and save your business over $30,000 a year. 

So, how does it work?

Employees call your designated phone number to call out of work, report COVID symptoms, request shift coverage, clock-in, clock-out, report a weather-related delay, or whatever else might require management notification. Through a few automated prompts and keypad touches, their information is recorded. Managers are notified of the call-out in real-time through SMS, email, and in your Call Experts Attendance portal.  

What does this mean?

When your team calls out, requests late arrival, or submits PTO requests, the phone line does the work for you. Then, you will get notified in real-time to approve the request or fill the shift with a backup staff member.  

Are there advanced features?

Yes! We can send Mass SMS and email messages to your team on your behalf. This is helpful when you need to alert them of emergencies, closures, and notices. Also, we text backup staff members on your behalf. This way, you do not have to resort to phone calls and emails if you need to fill a position. 

Using an automated attendance management system, you no longer require the need for pesky timesheets or manual tracking in spreadsheets!

Automated phone lines are essential for understanding attendance trends across your workforce.

All information gathered on the call can be accessed 24-7-365 in your portal. You can review attendance trends based on call-out reason (sick, FMLA, etc.), location, supervisor, specific time range, and more. Over time, these trends become more powerful as you continue to gather real-time absenteeism information and compare it to historical data. With our automated call-out phone line, you have full visibility and can predict when you’ll need more employees on staff. Now, you’ll never miss an opportunity. Welcome to the future of smart scheduling! 


Above: a view of the Call Experts AI-Powered Call-Out Line Attendance portal. Are you interested in a demo? Contact us now.

The AI-powered HR Call-Out Line line makes it easy for your employees to buy into your attendance management program. With consistent use by employees and precise, clean absenteeism data for leadership, our product makes it easy for you to spot issues with your employee attendance and experience. With an efficient attendance tracker, it becomes easier to understand productivity rates from employees. And, as you build a better employee experience, you can track productivity increases!


An attendance management system is a process that records employee call-outs and can help you understand your employee absenteeism rates. It improves your employee experience to encourage adoption of the process as well as increase employee retention. With our automated call-out phone line, your employees don’t have to rely on timesheets, and your administrative staff doesn’t have to record absences in a spreadsheet manually. Through our portal, you can view all of your employee attendance information in one place 24-7-365. Our technology can save time and money, provide clean attendance data, makes it easy for employees to report absences, and gives your executives the attendance data they need to make informed decisions. 

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